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Residential and Commercial Leak Detection

Take advantage of our great deals on water and leak detection in the Greater Baltimore Metro Area! We have the state of the art technology to pinpoint water leaks and uncover the problem with one of our trained technicians.

Mechanic detecting the leak

Leak Detection Services

  • Residential & commercial
  • Slab leaks, behind wall leaks, underground concrete, asphalt, gas, pool, sewer & drain leaks.
  • Trenchless pipe replacement.
  • leak specialist will provide repair options.

Did you know that just a pinhole size water leak in your water service supply line from your water meter to your home can generate 120 gallons a day water loss? That is 3,600 gallons a month and 43,200 gallons a year of water you’re paying for. Not to mention the natural resource just being wasted as in filters back into the ground causing drainage issues as well as unsafe erosion and stability in your homes/businesses ground

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Proudly serving Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Hartford County, Howard County. We also serve Frederick, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties.

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