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Find Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon is a poisonous gas that people cannot see, taste or smell making it difficult to notice in homes. It is a natural radioactive gas that is produced when uranium breaks down in the soil. It is a dangerous gas that has been linked to lung cancer and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer when people breathe it in. Once people breathe the gas in, it breaks down into radioactive particles that attach themselves to their lungs. These particles are known to cause small energy bursts that damage the lung tissues causing lung cancer.

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Problems Caused Due to Radon

For one to breathe in the gas, it has to find its way to their home. The pressure inside the house and outside a house is different. Since the pressure in the house is high, the house acts as a vacuum. Radon gas enters through cracks and other openings. Since the gas has no taste or smell, people will not know if their home is filled with the radioactive gas unless they go for Radon testing. Radon does not only come from the outside air but also water that has radon will release the air when the water is used for showering or doing other things.

Tests Performed by Radon

Radon testing is important as an individual will find out if the house has high levels of gas and find ways to reduce it. There are two ways one can test for Radon gas. The first is by the use of a do-it-yourself kit. Here is where people can purchase the kit and carry out the test by themselves. The second is hiring a professional Radon Measurement Specialist to test and measure the levels of radon in their home. When considering buying or selling off property, it is advisable to have a professional carry out the Radon tests and make a report.

Once the test is completed, they will find out the levels and decide on the next course of action. If the levels are high, they will need to lower them to reduce the chances of the health of those living in the house to be affected. If the levels are high, they will need to have Radon Mitigation. Homeowners will need to have a qualified Radon mitigation specialist come to their home and reduce the levels of Radon since they pose a danger to them and other people who live on the premises. While property owners can test the levels by themselves, lowering the levels involves some technical skills, and only specialists are trained for that purpose.

Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon is reduced by having a depressurization system installed. The system mitigates the levels of Radon making sure they always remain low. The system also ensures that Radon from outside does not have access to their home. Since the gas comes from the soil, neighborhoods will be affected if they are in the same area. If a home in a community has high levels of Radon, there is a high likelihood that other homes suffer from the same condition.

Radon is a dangerous gas that could be harmful to a populace’s health. It is advisable to have houses tested for the gas and find ways of reducing the levels. Radon testing and mitigation are important as it protects people’s homes from being filled with dangerous gas. It is also recommended that a specialist is consulted and do follow up tests to see if the levels are low or elevated.

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